A Quick Update and a Few Answers

Your blogger is back after a short summer illness (ahem) with a slew of answers to questions in the comments section.

First of all, the thing on everyone’s minds – the upcoming release. It is right around the corner at this point. The Photo Uploader is ready and so are the Privacy and Enhanced Newsfeed. The only thing that holds us back right now is the new System of Text Input. Actually, that one is practically ready to go too, and we are just testing how well it was integrated everywhere in the software. (Also, the latest hold up just happened to coincide with the wedding of one of our most talented developers. Oh, hey, congratulations to Sardar Madumarov and his lovely wife Meerim!)

Next up is the Privacy Setting for Groups. We recognize its importance and the examples in Mkeyes‘ comment are all good and valid. Unfortunately, the feature will NOT be included in the upcoming release. It is, however, on the planning board, as is reflected in our Roadmap under Group Enhancements. Initially we added the groups options in their current simplified shape with an intent of bringing them up to speed later on. It seems that the time has come just for that.

The issue with the Instant Chat Plug-in is also familiar to us. The present (simplest) solution was built on Ajax, leading up to this sort of problems, inherent for applications created with this web development method. Basically, once your network membership grows and more users begin using the plug-in at the same time, the resources drop. I can tell you that Skalfa LLC does plan to release an advanced plug-in to tackle this issue in the future. In the meantime the best way to avoid the current slowdown is to switch to a better hosting option.

Finally, the question of the Registration Approval System. Luckily, this one is easy, since we already have one in place. The feature is available under Settings. After turning it on, Admins will have to manually approve all new registered members on their websites.

Thank you once again for your patience and understanding.

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51 thoughts on “A Quick Update and a Few Answers

  1. Thank you for all the information. You guys do a great job. I am really looking forward to the group privacy settings in the future. You guys make a lot of dreams come true 🙂

  2. Great features, but what about an importer for vbulletin users and forum entries? I guess it would lead to many new oxwall users who won’t switch, because of data loss/starting by zero

    • Excellent question, Dan! At the moment we put a lot of work on the optimization of the existing software itself. Thus, the choice we face comes down to A) continue the current development or B) focus on helping new users converting from other systems. So, even though we realize the importance of importer functions in the long run, at present we decided to concentrate our work on the improvement of the ready product.

    • Once we’ll be done with Oxwall 1.2 we are planning to start the development of the API (Application Programming Interface), that will enable us to launch projects on the creation and optimization of various browser add-ons and desktop clients. The same goes for Oxwall Mobile, which will be available no sooner than the next year.

  3. How about new themes,not home made low quality themes,maby we will have one or two new themes from dev team? 🙂

  4. ma3ih:

    its really good when you guys are answer us

    Right! I look forward to Oxwall 1.2 and say thank you to Oxwall and specially to the DEV Team, who do fantastic work!

  5. gys please, my website users are leaving website,becouse of low privacy ((((((( ,I had 700 users,now only 398,they are deleting profiles ;(((

  6. Love how this place works! And I especially am working on learning the CSS – because I wish to make some themes for Oxwall. Truly great software and thanks for the group works to come down the road. I can’t wait for that, right now – we’ve left it alone due to ‘no privacy’ but when that is initiated, I’m certain we’ll gain even more members. Bravo Zima -/- Oxwall!!

  7. How about new voting system for profile with full of information who voted,how many points gave. from 1 to 10 points ,it is very handsom function in social comunity.

  8. Open source development can be a bitch sometimes. But we ARE pushing hard. The unleashing will take place very soon. I know the approximate date, but I learned my mistake and I don’t want to jinx it this time. Definitely before the end of the month. Thank you for waiting. It will be worth it!

  9. Im Very Much Looking forward to it. I believe User Privacy settings is required as the amount of members expand in our sites. Thank you for everything you do 🙂

  10. I am away from Oxwall blog and forums for a few months. When I used to follow this blog, there was no responses from Developers for the comments I made . But now I can see nice responses to comments on Blog posts.

    Good Luck !

    • Thank you, Ashok, and welcome back! We’ll be glad to respond to any questions and suggestions you make.
      Oh, and by the way, don’t forget to pick up your own Community Leader badge as well!

  11. *sigh* Boy is it hard to practice self-control and patience when you have no choice but to WAAAIT, LOL – I am sooooo ready for 1.2 – but I know it’s going to be a while yet.

    • Here’s the latest info. We have successfully launched Quality Group Testing and already receive initial feedback. So far everything is going according to the updated plan. ‘Soon’ is the word.

  12. *sigh* Are we there yet? (little kid in the back seat, scratching head, hot and sweaty, wondering where we are)

    • Well, if you peer out the window, you can actually see the destination already. We just need to park really. This means that the Quality Testing went as planned, so be ready for the release next week. This time for real.

  13. *Smile* Thank goodness I’m not the only one chomping at the bit. I know how it feels to be so under pressure. I’m a writer, I have an online drama series and there are many addicted readers who do the exact same thing to me for an update… and sadly due to life issues, I’m waaaaaaaaay behind on the updates. So I do get it – and when it arrives we’ll all be happy for it to install it and improve the quality of our social hangouts. Mine is for my readers, so they can come there – check on me, LOL – talk about other things going on and it helps to take the sting away from the wait, which helps ME. Again, I can even begin to say how much this is appreciated… even before this vital update, I can’t say it enough… Well done… it’s a goodin’!

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