In Focus:

“Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Perhaps it is not really obvious (yet), but here at the Foundation we really subscribe to this philosophy, spearheaded by non other than Albert Einstein.

You know who else supports the idea? Oxwall users. For instance, take Benjamin Murck from the Netherlands and his wonderful creation –

See the menu on the right? That’s an example of an aesthetic and functional brilliance. It might be counter-intuitive to display all the links at once, but we really like the way it is done on this portal. Instead of creating sub-menus, all the necessary options are grouped by screenplay-like notes on the header, further emphasizing the site’s goal of serving as a meeting place for local showbizzers – actors, extras and models.

Congrats, Benjamin! Your Oxwall-powered network became the inaugural choice for our new blog feature called Sites In Focus. Keep up the good work!

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6 thoughts on “In Focus:

  1. Wow, what a shock to see my own Oxwall-made site when I logged in my Admin panel!
    First, I thought it was a new feature or something, but… on the Oxwall blog, with such nice words…fantastic!

    I don’t think I will forget this day very soon. I’m serious, what a great feeling!

  2. Just keep creating great things with Oxwall. We need more people like you here.

  3. Hmm…,
    It’s really an example of unique work 🙂 and all oxwallians should appreciate it indeed..
    But sub menu has it’s own necessity my dear …
    Does developer like/planned to bound the usability horizon of this such a nice software?!
    Do they really want to limit it to use upto a dating site only?!
    come on guys make it break free..
    This site is no doubt made a mile stone in theme department but please let it to compete with theme designers only…
    Please don’t mix up it with the real need of a CMS.

  4. Idea,

    Submenu functionality is inevitable and eventually will be available as a plugin (most probably). Our main point is that it’s not necessary for the absolute majority of sites.

  5. Ya I do agree with you 🙂
    This CMS software is really blessing from god to the webmasters who are willing to do something for their community with lake of software skills and having low funds to spend for development. May god reward this foundation team with best deserved Things.


  6. Dear shall we have this nice pice of art work as theme plugin?
    With logo, background colour + picture, font (size + colour) change option


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