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With Oxwall 1.1 release there’s one more piece of news today and hardly less important.

Starting with this release Oxwall project is operated by Oxwall Foundation – a non-profit organization that takes duties from Skalfa LLC. We have put our profile and the underlying story here: www.oxwall.org/foundation

We are the team that have been working on this project for 3 years already as a part of Skalfa LLC and now we continue the journey as the decision-makers with Skalfa’s backing. I can’t imagine any better climate for the project.

I, as the Chairman of Oxwall Foundation, want to thank Skalfa LLC stakeholders for the wise decision to grant intellectual rights and Oxwall trademark to the independent non-profit entity. Our team proudly and thankfully accepts the honorable duties of operating Oxwall software project.

Empowered with the goodwill of the original Oxwall parent we are taking the reign with the biggest enthusiasm ever and hope to make Oxwall the best open source social software in the world. No small task, I say!

Emil Sarnogoev
Oxwall Foundation

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