Instant Chat plugin

Oxwallers rejoice!

The long-aiwated, much hyped, for centuries promised, and god-knows-what-else instant chat plugin just released.

With that release Oxwall just became more engaging, more interactive, and more capable of retaining users. We are very serious about making Oxwall more interactive and dynamic, and this chat is the very first step in that direction.

This is of course the basic version of the plugin. Zarif (the developer behind the plugin) already works on the next iteration – including for-everybody mode, sound notifications, and more.

Feel free to install the plugin and share your feedback.

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10 thoughts on “Instant Chat plugin

  1. How Do I install instant chat plugin??
    After I installed it I got this message
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method OW::getAuthorization() in /home/lvswing/public_html/ow_plugins/imchat/install.php on line 68


    • The plugin doesn’t require friends plugin. It will allow to chat with anyone if you invoke it from the person’s profile page. In the console, though, it will only show online friends.

  2. Please i’m having problem adding new plugins. especially at the “Enter Attributes” page.
    Where do i get the info to input at this page?

  3. hi there…i just install instant chat and it works very good
    BUT my hosting crush every since in a while
    they said oxwall consume about 98% of a mini server im hosted on
    there is a way to improve that in the next version? or im doing something wrong?
    best regards and keep the good work

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