What we are working on

As you might notice we are heading toward stable release, particularly we plan to release 1.0 RC shortly which might also become the “stable” release. Minor shortcomings are being figured out, thanks to your help. Since we support all updates you can safely use 1.0 beta 5 for a live website. Updating to stable will be a button click deal.

All of this is a headache of the platform lead, meanwhile other developers are busy developing new features and making Oxwall even better choice for your projects.

We thought it would be cool to give you an idea of what our dev plan looks like and what you might expect in the nearest future. Here’s the development roadmap page: oxwall.org/roadmap. We revived the good idea implemented on the old website and will maintain it carefully from now on.

Some of you will recognize their own old-time suggestions. We do not ignore them. We consider all feedback but we have to choose carefully because of limited resources and because the last thing we want to sacrifice for features is product integrity.

Watch our roadmap: oxwall.org/roadmap – we promise to keep it up-to-date.

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