Oxwall Store digest

IMPORTANT: Please update platform core first (to 1.0 beta 5) before updating _any_ plugins. Otherwise you may end up with a broken site.

Here’s our first digest of recent news at Oxwall Store:

1) Several important plugins released free, under BSD license: forum, Facebook connect, contact importer, and Ning member import.

2) Forum has undergone serious enhancement, namely:
– Permalinks on topic posts, so you give a URL of a specific message inside a topic;
– Enhanced quote function;
– Context-dependent forum search (yes, yes!);
– Subscribe by email to a forum topic – works with Email notifications plugin (oh).

3) Groups plugin released with built-in forum (forum plugin necessary for that)!

4) Monetization plugins released for charging members subscriptions: Paid membership, PayPal, CCBill.

We do not stop developing new features for Oxwall software in our quest to deliver a lot of balanced, simple and powerful functionality for your site. Thanks for creating with us!

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6 thoughts on “Oxwall Store digest

  1. I am happy to know about -“Subscribe by email to a forum topic – works with Email notifications plugin (oh).”

    But the subscribed posts ,posts submitted ,threads started should be shown on profile page .Any forum module or script have these functions as basic .

  2. @Asshu – no, you are wrong – in the profile should only be shown, what the user wants to be shown!!! If you build communities, you are responsible for user privacy.

    That drives attention to the question, how permissions are built into the groups module – I will check that…

    • The first thing posted is a user’s forum posts and his subscribed topics should be shown on his profile .We can call it simple as user activity on forums .

      ANd any other platform enable us to view a user’s activity on his profile .it helps him to get users attention to his activity .

      I am not sure how did you call it as against “User Privacy” . The user’s activity which is viewable by public only appears on profile page in different columns .

      Check any other social networking platforms .

  3. Hi, guys

    I’m a starter with oxwall and I have a question,
    How I can make the “Subscribe by email to a forum topic” works. I need to configure in the admin page a account email?


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