Complete your Oxwall Market profile

Oxwall Market (read: the place where you can post your Oxwall-related tasks and find a skilled specialist to execute them) is in its infancy yet but we already see ways to improve it.

Now to list your profile at Oxwall specialists section you need to:

1) check job types you are willing to perform;
2) write more detailed description about your services.

You can do that on profile edit page. Please note that if you don’t fill both questions you will not be listed as a specialist in Oxwall Market.

This new detailed description aims at creating your advertisement message, not merely listing your profile as it was before. This is the proper place to let others know more why they should work with you, not anyone else.

IMPORTANT: Developers, please do not advertise your services in Jobs section. It is only intended for customers to post jobs that you can respond to. We will have to remove such listings because they cause confusion.

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