Meet Oxwall software

We are happy to announce the initial release of Oxwall – free open source community software. Version 1.0 beta is available now. Feel free to use it for your own social networking websites, fan-clubs, family sites, and other community and collaboration projects.

One special thing about this release is that it’s not a regular open source 1.0 beta release. In other cases you get a heap of source code with very rough basic functions not going beyond the barely viable product. Often even less.

Of course Oxwall is not mature either – we release version 1.0 beta for a reason. But this same software has been tested on more than 12,000 websites since January on WackWall (our hosted version of Oxwall software).

Our original strategy was to test software on a lot of live sites with real communities and real targets but to have development and deployment as streamlined as possible. This allowed us to roll out new features and bug-fixes at a pace that our WackWall customers have been enjoying so much and giving us credit for. This package has come a long way before being released as it is now.

There’s also one big thing about this release: it supports platform and plugin updates within admin panel. You just click buttons, enter your FTP details and it should do the rest. All subsequent releases will support smooth updates so theoretically you can start your community without fear of incompatible future software updates. I said theoretically because it’s beta, don’t forget! 🙂

Enjoy and welcome onboard!

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8 thoughts on “Meet Oxwall software

    • I have installed it a few days ago and working great for me .But I don’t like third party branding on my own website If I use my own servers,self hosted,self installed and self maintained .

      Other than that every thing is Ok with Oxwall .

  1. Oxwall came at a time when I was leaving Ning. I played with many other social network sites but all were a little too restrictive. All had limitations or “quirks” that just went against my vision compared to what ning offered. I tried the site initially and with feedback from users they mentioned it was the best, closest replacement to ning. Being the only opensource download I found, implementing this to my site host and maintaining it has been a breeze. No major issues, no hang ups and all the features I classed as important in Ning I have here in oxwall.

    • What ‘s wrong with Elgg ,Dolphin and Anahita ? Just curious to know 🙂

      However I don’t like the paid soft wares like social engine .

  2. I’m jazzed about this. I’m uploading to my site now, and if all goes well I will be a fan for life.

    If you need free graphics, etc. I’m your man – would just like to have a voice in possible features.

    I’ve spent years trying out all sorts of scripts that didn’t do the trick in order to create a viable alternative to certain bloated corporate art community websites.

    I’d like to think in that time I’ve researched a lot of possible features users would adore. Things that would allow this to not only be a social networking script, but also as I say an art community script, etc. as per the host’s preferences.

    Just a thought.

  3. Snort,

    Thanks for your words, appreciate that! If you think you can contribute something to Oxwall – we encourage you to help others! Consider designing more themes and releasing them in Oxwall Store.

    We need more contributors and happy users should be a big part of them.

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